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Liberal Weirdness


Session 4

Posted by bob on July 14, 2020 at 10:40 PM

Session 4

Kicking off to find no new requests at the crossed hammers.

Go to adventuring guild in the plaza of champions, meet Red Bjolgr there.

He says Black Vermer at the dock is looking for ship hands.

Find Vermer, get hired as hands to go deliver via river to a town on the other side of the east mountain.

Shove off and down the river at dusk.

Do some fishing, catch a cannibalistic telekinetic anglerfish. Take it down as it pelts Balthazar with crates.

Cook it in a stew and feed the crew.

New hands sleep on deck.

Late night wake up as the ship pitches violently, the group is thrown out into the water.

They recover just in time to see a large aquatic creature pulling the ship into a crack in the mountain.

Swimming after it, they make it into the cavern but quickly lose sight of the beast as it speeds deeper into the mountain.

Seeing a bank on either side of the undermountain canal they climb onto it and follow the water by foot for a few hours before getting to a wall with a door. The waterway continues into a large tunnel but the bank on either side ends in this sheer wall. With a door.


They enter.


Seems to be a “dungeon” of some kind, they enter a corridor and follow it.

Get to a door, avoid a trap, enter the room.

Large room, partially collapsed ceiling with an iron sarcophagus partially exposed from beneath rubble.

A ghostly, feminine shape comes charging and screaming from the other side of the room.

The group reacts quickly enough to avoid and counterattack but find their attacks pass harmlessly through.

Balthazar wants a better look at the Iron Sarcophagus. As they approach, the shrieking woman screams, causing physical pain to the group. Getting to the Sarc they attempt a couple different attacks on the woman, a rock and torch. Nothing has effected her yet. She begins to claw them, not yet penetrating their armor but clearly sharp and deadly.

Giving up on attacking her directly, the group focuses on the large iron coffin. Finding it way too heavy half covered in collapsed ceiling they start shifting rubble.

After painful screams and claw attacks, the group gets most of the large rubble away and begin to work at the lid, determined to survive the continued assault.

The Shrieking Woman hits them with a scream that feels like it attacks their very soul but they resist the hurt to flee, sensing the key to salvation lay in this Iron grave.

Working all together, Trench utilizing the edge of her shovel, they finally shift the lid a couple inches and can get a better purchase to push it the rest of the way.

Just as the lid begins to slide, partially revealing the shadowed interior, the Womans continued harrying achieves a deadly effect, she runs Jessimane through with sharp claws and Jess collapses, lifeless.


Esme was a hand on a merchant ship until the ship and crew and herself were snached in the night a beast in the water and enslaved by unknown monkeyman monsters.

As the crew were taken in chains in some under the mountain waterway and led to cages in a network of tunnels, Esme saw and took a chance to run.

In her panic and confusion she ran deep into the dungeon and found herself in the dark, spooked she began to run through the dark, hit her head and woke up in a cramped space with some musty bag beneath her. Before long, she hears a great amount of scratching and screaming a realizes she’s in a box as the top cracks partially open, she attempts to scramble and try to push against the heavy lid and she starts to make noise.


Seeing Jess dead, Balthazar and Trench furiously shove and lift, finally removing the lid to reveal Esme who immediately pops out and dives away from the action.

With Esme out Balthazar sees a lightly wrapped, desiccated corpse in the iron box. Using his lit torch, he touches it and the corpse and spirit flameout and disappear in an instant.


Introductions all around, Esme joins.

The group heads out and down a corridor, a trap is triggered, Esme and Balthazar feel the floor drop out and jump ahead to safety.

Trench does not and dies instantly, impaled by large spikes below.

Opal was a gambler, after losing a big bet she found herself chained to the oars of a merchant ship, working off the debt. One night, she woke to find the crew being led off the ship, themselves in chains. Seeing an opportunity, she utilized her natural sneakiness and escaped without being noticed. Finding her way to a large dungeon labyrinth, Opal searched for a way out. After wandering a long corridor, Opal felt the floor fall beneath her, being of a lithe and dextrous nature, she managed to catch herself at the bottom among a pit of large spikes and long dead skeletons. Standing there for some time, with no way out, Opal watched as the top fell in again and a woman fell, impaled on the large spikes. As Opal processed this, she looked back up to see a man and woman look back over the edge. They throw down the rope. They must be gamblers too.


Introductions all around and Opal joins the group.


Trapped and locked doors are disarmed and opened, stuck doors are forced. One door trap is triggered and Balthazar avoids the javelins that pop out of the wall, Esme and Opal are scraped non fatally by them.


Another Shrieking Woman is found and more easily dispatched when her corpse is found in a pit below.


Collect more torches.


More doors, rooms, traps, etc.


A large room, partially darkened, a shrieking woman can be barely seen, hovering at the edge of darkness.


Esme runs toward the center of the rooms and notes a putrid odor from the dark side of the room.


Balthazar starts to follow when the woman shrieks and Esme collapses, dead and bleeding from the ears.


Balthazar calls for Opal to join him with a lit torch and runs toward where he can now see a pit hole in the shadowed area of the room.


He throws a torch down to light up the area and sees the bound corpse of a Shrieking Woman, Opal joins him and tosses the fire perfectly to destroy the corpse and spirit.


The remaining two know they need to rest and decide to do it in this room.


End of session


I think the next character will be trapped in the disgusting pit below, the smell is due to a large amount of various animal waste.


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