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Liberal Weirdness


Session 3

Posted by bob on July 14, 2020 at 10:35 PM

Session 3

Go after unbreakable hair. Take time getting there. On the way trench is brought to another dimension by a strange elderly green woman. The rest are invited after. They are in a clearing with a giant stump in the center.

A voice with no body tells them a tale and asks for help.

Unbreakable hair is from this dimension.

If the group gets close enough to it the voice can bring it back where it came from.

The voice wants to know how the creature came from here to there so this doesnt happen again.

All the voice knows is the problem originated in the group’s dimension.

They agree and are warned not to directly confront the beast and that the voice will let them know when it’s been reclaimed.

The gang continues on.

They get to the very large pond they heard the animal may be near.

Jessamine finds the tracks as well as others.

The group realizes an unknown large animal is also tracking the extra dimensional quadruped.

After making a circuit around, The Voice informs them he has retrieved the animal and thanks them.

The group searches around for the unbreakable hair shed by it. They find several bundles to take back and become aware they are being followed by the predator that was hunting the other animal.

The animal is a giant blue rhino with semi-translucent hide and several eyes attached by stalks, deep blue eyes. They realize this is the animal they were asked to find by the dye woman.

It charges, they survive and kill it, (using a scroll of poison rending they randomly found earlier, they didn’t know it but the beast was vulnerable to poison. Good thinking and Lucky!) harvesting those sweet blue eyes.

Realizing they forgot a special jar to keep the eyes fresh, the group doubletimes it back to town.

They bring the eyes, she promises a reward if they come back in a week.

They bring the hair, he promises some to be ready in a week.

While out the group also found a chest full of stuff, including a cursed holy goblet, they ask Grimul to look at it.

She tells them it belonged to one of her former adventuring companions who is no longer around after a mysterious scandal that ended her groups career. She asks to keep the stuff for investigation the team agrees.


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