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Liberal Weirdness


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Session 2

Posted by bob on July 14, 2020 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Session 2

The group is back in The Crossed Hammers. With a few coppers in the pockets, they head to the trade district to find some gear. They get rope from a rope maker and ask if they can find anything for the maker. He tells them about an unbreakable strand of hair found 3 days to the east and north by a pond in the forest. If they bring him enough, he’ll make some special rope and sell it at discount to them.


Next to the dye woman, for some red dye, Grimul asked for. They get the dye and ask for a task. The dye woman tells of a strange creature deep in the forest to the north. If the bulbous blue eyes were harvested, she could make a perfect shade of blue she needs.


Balthazar wants waterskins and mess kits, they find these from another vendor who could use a favor. He suspects his washerwoman wife of infidelity. He asks the group to watch her after work and just find out what she is doing between work and home.


With errands complete, the group makes way back to the Crossed Hammers to ask about renting a room long term. After setting up accommodations, including a private chest to store things in, they check the request board and see a request to retrieve a kidnapped daughter.


Asking Grimul for details, they find that the poster is Evelyn Lance, of the Street Artists Guild. Her Daughter, Sara, has been taken by the priest of one of the temples, Leopold S. Leo has taken the daughter and informed the Street Artists Sara will remain safe as long as they produce no art critical of Leopold.

Asking for details of Leopold, the group is told that L.S. will be touring the neighborhood with his retinue and will pass by this inn, just before dusk. The group goes out to wait.


He’s an ass, his guards rough people up, the group follows him back to find his estate. They watch, they see the girl.

They check with Grimul to find the mom.

They find the mom, shes a weaver with a weaver building.

They meet some guild people.

Evelyn insists they need to take back Sara. Suggests underground access.

Sneak in from a nearby sewer grate.

Kill a few large centipedes.

Run into a couple guards, kill one chase the other off.

Thwarted by a locked iron door.

Access vis floor grate.

Come up in a pantry. Trick a guard find the girl.

She doesnt want to be a poor artist

Get her so drunk she passes out

Carry her home

Trick another guard.

Give her back to mom, go home.

Free meal.


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Post First Session

Posted by bob on July 14, 2020 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Post First Session

The group and I had a great time, the looseness of the tool kit left me free to be a referee to the players. I didn’t need to roll a single die. The players did every roll and combat was fast-paced and dangerous.


The players were invested in the characters and really enjoyed what they got out of character creation. They also felt encouraged to try things out and make the most of what they had. I feel the Knave tool kit supported this very well.


We are all looking forward to the next game.


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